Sami Kajtazaj



My first experience as a guitar player I gained at church. I was responsible for the background music of the high masses , which included the parish accompaniment but also the guitar solo. At the age of 18 I realised that I needed professional help, that the self-educated guitarist’s limits had been reached.

Stefan Szaley was my first guitar instructor and he taught me the right playing technique. With the support of Petra Aichmann from Lustenau (Austria) I passed the entrance test of the conservatory in Feldkirch.

I enrolled as a student of Professor Michael Buchrainer who had an answer for almost every question. These times were extremely prolific, I learned a great deal of playing techniques and sound quality.

In the year 2004 I graduated with distinction as an instrument and singing teacher. Two years later I was awarded the artistic diploma, another distinction. In those days I gave concerts with various ensembles and had public solo appearances in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria.
I was allowed to play classical guitar and my own compositions at countless events, such as vernissages, literary readings and charity performances. In addition to my artistic work I teach the guitar at a local music school.