Sami Kajtazaj



As soon as I played my first pieces of music on my guitar, I began to feel the urge to compose my own pieces. I could hardly wait to compose miniatures and did so without any knowledge of harmony and just after having learned how to read music.

The imagination to let the written tune be sounded had been caught.

My musical role model was Johann Sebastian Bach, whose music I had been listening to non-stop and the clerical soundscapes in general. At fifteen of age I arranged the first compositions in my room and couldn’t stop all night long. Shortly afterwards I not only composed pieces for the guitar but also for classical singing, which then were performed at church. In the year 2000 I worked on the first hymn for an orchestra, "the passion".

My first tonal hymn was successfully performed at the Catholic Church in Buchs, Switzerland. The audience seemed to appreciate my initial spark. From then on I produced countless compositions.
At that time I neither found any spirit nor purpose in contemporary music. It seemed to me like music was escaping from centuries of its own past.

It wasn’t until I had met Herbert Willi that I could get a glimpse of the beauty in contemporary composing and decided to major in composing.
Suddenly I had realised that there are modern composers who follow rules and work within reason and my own boundaries became blurred. My idea of tonality got transferred into more complex compositions which was reflected in my latest hymns and culminated in a pass with distinction.

By now I have recognized the chance to expand my musical talent at different styles of music and cover not only classical composing but also proudly compose pop- and electronic music.